Monday, November 19, 2012

If Santa can fit down a chimney...

Chris took a video as we squeezed through Spooky Gulch, a slot canyon near Escalante, Utah. It was gorgeous and a lot of fun, though a little disappointing that we drove more than 20 miles each way down an unmarked, gravel road only to arrive at a parking lot full of cars. Passing other hikers in the slot wasn't very fun. But I can't blame people for wanting to go here, it was remarkable. At one point, the "canyon" was so narrow my foot became wedged between rocks because the floor was not as wide as my foot. (I always have had wide feet)

The noise in the video is Chris' backpack, scraping against the walls. The A heart C graffiti on the canyon wall was not ours. There must be another Andrea out there somewhere who loves a different Chris. Who can blame her?

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