Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can't beat camping

In the past, I could only name one thing I didn't like about camping: discomfort. Rocks make my butt cold, logs are poky and never the right height, and in the fall, night time comes early. Eventually we get uncomfortable and head for our sleeping bags way too early. Not this year. We invested in resin stackers and as a result we had endless evenings sitting around a warm campfire telling stories and drinking peppermint tea and beer. When our trip was through, we stashed the chairs in the desert and marked their location on our GPS for our next trip.

Now there's nothing I dislike about camping. Just check out these pictures to see why we spend our vacations in the national forest over Las Vegas, a Hawaiian resort, Disneyland or anywhere.
One of our campsites in the Dixie National Forest.

We found the best campsite of the trip on the Kaibab Plateau with this view of Marble Canyon. Sweet!

Making flapjacks on our pocket rocket stove.

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