Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kona Motorcycles Shop

Chris continues to develop his Kona motorcycles shop business. The Kona motorcycles business is growing. He still does other businesses too. His soil consulting is about 1/3 of his time and the Kona Motorcycles Shop is picking up so that he hardly has time to work on house remodeling anymore.
The motorcycle shop is a little different kind of motorcycle repair shop in Kona. It is a one man motorcycles repair shop working out of simple facilities ( the north half of our house and garage). It is by appointment only. Which is good because we didn't want Kona motorcycle owners stopping by whenever. They call first and make an appointment for the service they need for their motorcycle. Our home number has become the motorcycle shop number so when you call do not be surprised if it sounds all business like, it is still our home phone too. The thing we did not anticipate is the calls for the Kona motorcycles shop at odd hours. Sunday night at 9:00pm somebody will call and want to talk to Chris about motorcycle repair. Chris usually takes the calls and doesn't mind talking shop. Customers seem to like it when they can talk directly to the motorcycle mechanic who will give them straight answers about how he can help them and their motorbike.
Kona Motorcycle Shop is a small shop where they can stay with their motorcycle and watch Chris service their bike, if they want to, they can learn what the mechanic is doing and increase their own repair skills. Hanging out with their bike during the service seems to be a feature people really like. Kona Motorcycle Shop focuses on scheduled maintenance, service and light repairs of metric motorcycles. Customers are giving Kona Motorcycles Shop good reviews and seem to be recommending it to friends, more people keep coming.

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